Flowers For Poets x Eastfield

Confession: I used to think the idea of buying flowers was rather frivolous. Priding myself on being a practical person, the lack of utility of flowers made it a terrible gift in my books. I never thought this belief would change. Even when my family was deciding on plants to grow I would always veto planting any flowers, advocating for herbs or vegetables instead.

I started throwing vases as part of something to challenge myself. I then found myself with many empty vases devoid of anything to fill them. Thoughts such as " I think this would look great with a bouquet of flowers" started creeping in but I still suppressed the notion of buying flowers. I started asking if we could grow flowers in the family garden. And in one of the greatest ironies of life, my mother who once proposed planting flowers (which I previously vetoed) rejected my request for planting flowers.

I ended up receiving sunflowers from her during my last birthday, adorned in one of the vases I had made. I was sold. As much as I wanted to deny being a person who would like to receive flowers, I now need to confess that I have changed my opinion. Now every month I have a rotating bouquet of flowers and I feel happy whenever I look at them. 

So when Flowers For Poets asked to collaborate with us, I was so ready to jump on board. We created 4 vases for them, with the goal of letting the flowers shine. 

People change throughout our lives, our preferences, thoughts and perspectives. A lot of my initial aversion to flowers was also stemmed at not wanting to be seen as overly cookie-cutter feminine -- a girl who liked bright dresses, flowers, and romantic poetry. As I grow older, I am also learning to embrace my own preferences without further self-induced judgement. I now have a few stems of chrysanthemums sitting on my desk and I feel a warm happy glow whenever I see them. Perhaps certain objects do not need to possess a functional utility apart from bringing small pockets of joy to our lives.