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About Eastfield Ceramics

Eastfield is a Singapore-based urban potter duo, Megan Miao and Sam Tan, who make functional pottery inspired by delicious food, flavour and home life.

Sam loves perfecting the craft of throwing, while Megan loves the spontaneity of glazing. The name Eastfield comes from the word 东田, a combination of Chinese characters that can be found in both our surnames.


Megan is a product designer who was born in Shanghai and grew up in Singapore. In her spare time, Megan writes about art theory and all her non-civil thoughts, building treehouse cities in Minecraft, and cuddling with her cat Meepo. 

Sam is a doctor who spends all her spare time eating or making food. In the beginning, Sam was absolutely terrible at baking, and in an attempt to be health-conscious, would substitute olive oil for butter. Her cookies ended up looking a lot like dog biscuits, and tasting like them too. Now, Sam has learnt there is no true substitute for the wonders of butter.

We make homeware with expressive, colourful glaze combinations. Our goal is to create wares that are not only great to eat off, but are also tactile and delicious on their own. Our craft focusses on organic forms that sit comfortably in the hand, while also being affordable art objects that can be on display in the home.

We take custom briefs on a select basis. You can contact us at eastfield.sg@gmail.com

Our archive

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