Public Garden 2023

After 3 years of waiting, we’ve finally boothed at Public Garden!

We first applied in 2020, with around 30 pieces in our first collection. Looking back, we were woefully underprepared. We were 1 year into our Eastfield journey, with no idea of how to prepare for a market, no idea of what our style and ethos even was.

Luckily, we also had no idea that a global pandemic was about to hit and postpone all Public Gardens for the next few years. So we never ended up boothing and instead spent the next few years building out a small community over Instagram and figuring out our own approach to ceramics. 

Life is all about timing I suppose - and things happen when they should.
Earlier this year, we finally committed to making Public Garden happen. We were both free and in Singapore, and we had accumulated enough wares that we wanted to share with the world.

This time we came ready with 100 pieces and thought we knew what to expect. We've already done a few markets and so we understood how to prepare -  the things to bring, and how to ration out our energy oven the weekend.

Even so - nothing could really prepare us for everyone we were about to meet, by chance or by plan. 

We met some old friends - people we've known for a long while, who were experiencing big changes in their lives. These are people whose style and taste in homeware have become very familiar to us, who have also become big sources of inspiration to us over the years. 

And then we've also met some friends who we haven't had a chance to meet in person, but we've spoken with briefly over the internet. It's different, for sure, to meet in person, and to be able to feel the connection much more tangibly.

There are also new people we've met - some who are starting on their own ceramics journey, and some who are encountering ceramics for the first time. We had such a good nice connecting with new people and getting new ideas for our work.  

And a final category would be other makers, people whose craft we've grown to respect so much and who give us so much tips and support to help us make it through the day (shoutout to Willow's Things!), as well as new makers who share about their art with us so wholeheartedly. 

There's nothing really quite like a market, and we're already planning ahead to the next one. See you sometime soon - out in the field.